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Table 1 Support group and facilitator selection criteria [14]

From: Community support model on breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices in remote areas in Vietnam: implementation, cost, and effectiveness

Support group selection criteria Support group facilitator criteria
• Local authorities are enthusiastic and committed to supporting IYCF practices.
• Commune health staff, community-based workers, and women are active and enthusiastic about being involved in the project.
• Health facilities are more than 5 km away from the village.
• Local households live within a 2-km radius of the village’s central meeting area.
• At least 10 pregnant women and mothers with children under two live in the village.
• The stunting rate in the village is equal to or higher than national average (27%).
• Poor IYCF practices are prevalent.
• Local person living in the village, familiar with the culture and participating mothers.
• Speaks local dialect.
• Lives in the village and is accepted by her/his community and health personnel.
• Desires to learn and share experiences and knowledge with other members of the community.
• Caring, considerate, and respectful.
• Has time, energy, and support from family.
• Open to learn good listening and communication skills, and effective question-posing skills (successfully demonstrated during training).