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Table 3 Major timeline and related health system response in Bangladesh, Nigeria and South Africa

From: The effect of COVID-19 on maternal newborn and child health (MNCH) services in Bangladesh, Nigeria and South Africa: call for a contextualised pandemic response in LMICs

Traits Bangladesh Nigeria South Africa
First confirmed case March 08a February 27b March 05d
Beginning of lockdown March 23a March 24c March 26e
Nature of lockdown Initially for 10 days, later extended State by state, partial Nationwide
Health system response: Social distancing and provision of high-risk screening, hospitalization etc. and continuation of essential healthcare
Bangladesh and South Africa converted specific tertiary hospitals to dedicated COVID-19 facilities; Nigeria made provision for COVID-19 care within existing facilities
There was no specific MNCH care provision guideline in any of the countries.
Electronic and print media-based information to raise awareness of benefits of social and interpersonal distancing, appropriate use of face masks and use of hand sanitizers, etc.
Provision for periodic briefing updates on the pandemic by relevant government agencies/personnel.
  1. aWorld Health Organization (WHO) Bangladesh
  2. bNigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)
  3. cThe Nation (; March 24, 2020
  4. dNational Institute for Communicable Diseases, Govt. of South Africa (
  5. eBusinesstech (; March 23, 2020