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Table 3 Go-zone Results on two dimensions: Action/change and ‘Race’/ethnic based discrimination

From: Experiences of everyday racism in Toronto’s health care system: a concept mapping study

Cluster Go-zone statement
Professional misconduct when the health care provider does not complete a proper assessment [34].
Negligent communication when the patient’s symptoms are ignored or not taken seriously [10].
  when the health care provider lies to the patient [19].
Dehumanizing the patient when the health care provider belittles or talks down to the patient [3].
  when the health care provider is disrespectful [15]
Racial/ethnic and class discrimination when the White male health care provider continuously picks on the non-White patient [22].
  when the White health care provider talks to the patient as if they are uneducated [29].
  when the patient feels disrespected and not listened to by health care providers because of language issues [31].
Unequal access to health and health care when a patient cannot get access to government funded assist programs because of where the patient lives [2].
  when there is little or no access to language interpreters [30].
  1. Note. Clusters are listed in order of ranking priority for action/change as determined by the pattern match data from racialized health care users