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Table 5 Percentage of population and area on Hainan Island with access to doctors exceeding national and international standards (2018)

From: An integrated analysis of spatial access to the three-tier healthcare delivery system in China: a case study of Hainan Island

Country Doctors per thousand population Area Population
Japan 2.41 (2016) 9.70% 32.84%
China 2.5 (2020) 9.21% 32.19%
UK 2.81 (2017) 7.84% 30.14%
USA 2.59 (2016) 8.78% 31.58%
  1. Note: The standard of China was extracted from the National healthcare policy announcement of strategic plan on National healthcare service system (2015–2020), while the standards from Japan, UK, and USA were extracted from the Global Health Observatory (GHO) data