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Table 1 Age and Race/Ethnicity Distribution of Mobile Clinic Clients. 183 and 186 mobile clinics’ estimates of the percentage of clients visiting their clinics annually stratified by age and race/ethnicity, respectively

From: Mobile health clinics in the United States

AgeAverage Percentage of Clients
 0–17 years old40.9%
 18–44 years old20.0%
 45–64 years old30.9%
 65+ years old10.5%
Race/EthnicityAverage Percentage of Clients
 White (not Hispanic / Latino)41.5%
 Black / African American35.3%
 Hispanic / Latino26.6%
 Mixed / Other4.1%
 American Indians and Alaska Natives1.8%
 Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders1.0%