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Table 3 Value of benefits and costs of BFHI accreditation at Calvary Public Hospital

From: Social value of maintaining baby-friendly hospital initiative accreditation in Australia: case study

Benefits Annual amount in AUD
 Reduce risk of diarrhea 3004
 Reduce risk of respiratory infection 41,138
 Reduce risk of acute otitis media 36,397
 Reduce risk of necrotizing enterocolitis 100,591
 Higher IQ 9
 Reduce risk of obesity 276,832
 Reduce risk of type 1 diabetes 118
 Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes 33,106
 Reduce risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) 612,091
 Reduce risk of breast cancer 111,668
 Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease 4186
 Not buying formula 121,859
 Reduce risk of ovarian cancer 52,462
 Reduce risk of hypertension 4679
Total value of benefits 1,375,050
Total value of investments 24,433.80
Net Yield (benefits less investments) 1,373,705.73
Social Return on Investment (SROI) 55.38