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Table 2 Financial proxy used to allocate a market price

From: Social value of maintaining baby-friendly hospital initiative accreditation in Australia: case study


Financial proxy


Reduce risk of diarrhea

Cost of gastrointestinal [66]

AUD 20.27

Reduce risk of respiratory infection

Cost of influenza-related disease [67]

AUD 2864

Reduce risk of acute otitis media

Cost of treating otitis media in Australia [68]

AUD 594

Reduce risk of necrotizing enterocolitis

Cost of NEC treatment [69]

AUD 13,863

Higher IQ

Annual earnings (average weekly income in Australia [33] ×  52 weeks)a

AUD 89,487

Reduce risk of obesity

Cost of obesity in Australia [70]

AUD 2500

Reduce risk of type 1 diabetes

Cost of diabetes in Australia [71]

AUD 3131

Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Reduce risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Annual earnings (average weekly income in Australia [33] ×  52 weeks)a

AUD 89,487



Reduce risk of breast cancer

Cost of breast cancer treatment per case in Australia [72]

AUD 36,448

Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

Cost of cardiovascular disease treatment in hospital in Australia [73]

AUD 1700

Not buying formula

Formula supply for 1 year for full formula-fed baby (1.5 tins for a week for the first 6 months and 0.6 tin for a week for the next 6 months) a

We followed WHO guidance [74] and adapt it to Australian settings

AUD 1160

Reduce risk of ovarian cancer

Cost of ovarian cancer treatment per person in Australia [72]

AUD 31,958

Reduce risk of hypertension

Cost of hypertension treatment per diagnosed case [73]

AUD 570

  1. aassumption