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Table 1 Scoping Review Search Strategy

From: What do you mean by engagement? – evaluating the use of community engagement in the design and implementation of chronic disease-based interventions for Indigenous populations – scoping review

Scoping Review Keywords
1. Community engagement
• Community engagement OR participatory research OR community based participatory research OR participatory action research OR community institutional relation* OR community participation OR action research OR participatory research OR participatory engagement OR participation OR community research
2. Indigenous
• Indigenous OR Indigenous People* OR Aboriginal* or Metis OR Inuit* OR First Nation* OR Native American* OR Native* OR Indian* OR American Indian OR Alaska Native* OR Torres Strait Islander* OR Maori People*
3. Chronic disease
• Chronic disease* OR cardiovascular disease* OR CVD OR heart failure OR HF OR stroke* OR heart attack* OR hypertension OR HT OR diabetes OR dementia OR asthma OR cancer* OR COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease* OR heart disease* OR HIV OR AIDS OR depression OR mental health