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Table 3 Parameters Used for Simulation of Community Score Card Scale-up Scenarios

From: Estimating the cost of implementing a facility and community score card for maternal and newborn care service delivery in a rural district in Uganda

Cost inputs

Costs included in scenario one

Costs included in scenario two

Justification for inclusion

Initial training

Initial training will be required to impart the necessary skills in both scenario 1 and 2

Community mobilization


Community mobilization and sensitization will be required to equip the community with information about the CSC but in scenario 2, only existing meetings will be used and so no extra costs are included.

Stakeholder meeting at subcounty level


Stakeholder meetings will be required for buy in. In scenario 2 this will be done as part of another ongoing activity and so no extra costs are attached



Local council chair persons will mobilize participants for the interface meetings in scenario 1; in scenario 2 they will do the mobilization without any payment


Stationery will be required for the scoring activities in both scenarios

Preparatory meeting at subcounty level


Preparatory meetings will be held for half a day and will attract costs for break tea and safari day allowance. In scenario 2 the meetings will be much shorter about 1 hour and will not attract any financial costs.

Health facility scoring


Meetings will attract no additional costs in both scenarios since they will be done during routine facility review meetings

Scoring and interface meetings

Safari day allowance of USD 5 will be paid to facilitators in scenario 1 while only transport refund of USD 2.77 will be paid in scenario 2.

Feedback meeting at subcounty


Feedback will be done after each interface meeting so that no extra costs are incurred in both scenarios

Stakeholder dissemination meeting


Dissemination of CSC findings will be done during routine quarterly joint stakeholder meetings at the district and subcounty council meetings so that no extra costs are incurred in both scenarios

Sub-county coordinator and Co-coordination costs

The subcounty coordinators will receive a safari day allowance for their facilitation in both scenarios

DHT members supervision costs


The DHT members will receive a safari day allowance for their facilitation in scenario 1 while in scenario 2, supervision will be done by the subcounty coordinators