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Table 4 Quality assessment guidelines for qualitative studies

From: Urban poverty and nutrition challenges associated with accessibility to a healthy diet: a global systematic literature review

Author, year Country (City) Theoretical approach Study design Data collection Validity Analysis Specific population Definition of urban space Definition of poverty/ vulnerability
Appropriate approach Clear aims Adequate plan Adequate sample & sampling Definition of data collection, recording, transcription Description of context, participants, biases Triangulation Richness of data Coding process described Findings are supported
Chan, DeMelo, Gingras, & Gucciardi (2015) [92] Canada (Toronto) Adults with diabetes Area within a city Low income level; food security
Cotter, Teixeira, Bontrager, Horton, & Soriano (2017) [93] United States (Washington) Adults Area within a city Low socioeconomic level
Crawford et al. (2014) [94] Australia (Sydney) Homeless 15 to 25 years old Metropolitan area Homelessness
Dachner & Tarasuk (2002) [95] Canada (Toronto) Homeless youth above 16 years old Area within a city Homelessness
de Morais Sato et al. (2017) [96] Brazil (Santos) Adult mothers Area within a city Poor area
Dubowitz et al. (2007) [97] United States (Multi-site) Mothers Metropolitan area Poverty line/ poverty threshold
Green-LaPierre et al. (2012) [98] Canada (Nova Scotia) Women 65 years of age or older City Low socioeconomic level
Hammelman (2018) [99] United States (Washington) Migrant women Area within a city Food security
Leung et al. (2016) [100] United States (New York City) Youth 11 to 14 years old Area within a city Poor area
Levay, Mumtaz, Faiz Rashid, & Willows (2013) [101] Bangladesh (Dhaka) Pregnant women and new mothers Slum Poor area
McInvale Trejo & Shaw-Ridley (2019) [102] Peru (Lima) Dyad parent-child 3 to 4 years-old Area within the city Poor area
Piaseu, Belza, & Shell-Duncan (2004) [103] Thailand (Bangkok) Women 25 to 60 years old Slum Poor area
Wicks, Trevena, & Quine (2006) [104] Australia (Sydney) Homeless and marginally housed adults Area within a city Food security