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Table 1 concepts and search terms

From: Why do some countries do better or worse in life expectancy relative to income? An analysis of Brazil, Ethiopia, and the United States of America

Concept Search terms
Health indicators and social determinants of health political, economic, social, education, culture, gender, race, religion, health care, health system, primary health care, PHC, universal health coverage, UHC, health inequity, access to drugs, health indicators, infant mortality rate, IMR, under five mortality rate, child mortality, U5MR, CMR, maternal mortality ratio, maternal mortality rate, MMR, HIV, agriculture, food supply, import, export, employment, child labour, maternity leave, pension, purchasing power, social security, health care finance, insurance, community based health program, housing, access to safe water, sanitation, environment, pollution, sustainable practices, sustainability, urban planning or healthy infrastructure; gross domestic product or GDP
Life expectancy life expectancy or longevity
Country Ethiopia, Brazil or the United States (of America (US)).