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Table 2 Domains identified based on Theory of Change

From: Adaptation and validation of social accountability measures in the context of contraceptive services in Ghana and Tanzania

Domains Number of Items
Knowledge and awareness of rights c 8b
Women’s participation in household decision- makinga 10b
Self-efficacy with health care providers c 13b
Self-efficacy for participation at community meetingsa 6 b
Perception of service quality a 6b
Political capabilitiesc 5b
Collective efficacy a 4b
Community support in time of crisis a 4b
Mutual responsibility for and support of servicesa 5b
Participation in negotiated spaces a 4
Joint monitoring and accountability of services a 2
Transparency a 3
Equity of negotiated spaces a 3
Quality of negotiated spaces a 3
  1. avalidated from CARE’s Women VOICES Tool
  2. bscales tested in this study
  3. cnew scales