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Table 2 Sociodemographic and background characteristics of participants - Study 2 (N = 41)

From: Understanding long-term HIV survivorship among African American/Black and Latinx persons living with HIV in the United States: a qualitative exploration through the lens of symbolic violence

  Mean (SD) or %
Age in years 49.3 (9.05)
 Age range in years 23–62
Male sex 78.0
 If male, cisgender and heterosexual 62.5
 If male, cisgender and sexual minority 34.4
Transgender 3.1
African American/Black race (non-Latinx) 78.0
Latinx ethnicity 19.5
In a long-term relationship 34.1
High school graduate/GED or higher 82.9
Working full-time or part-time off-the-books or on-the-books 17.1
Ran out of funds for necessities monthly or more in the past year 48.8
Food insecurity often or sometimes in past year 85.4
Stable housing (has his/her own home or apartment, including funded by government programs or benefits) 48.8
HIV History and Health Status Indicators
 Years living with HIV 18.5 (7.57)
 Range of years living with HIV (min, max) 3.00, 33.0
Taken ART in the past 100
Number of times stopped and started ART in the past 11.3 (18.5)
Longest time on ART in the past (in months) 44.2 (64.3)
On ART with good adherence at interview 60
Participated in substance use treatment in the past 78.0
Moderate-to-high risk of alcohol problems 61.0
Moderate-to-high risk of cannabis problems 65.9
Moderate-to-high risk of other drug problems 73.2
Covered by health insurance or a health plan 95.1
Received health care for HIV in past year 95.1
Self-reported health status good or better 41.5