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Table 6 Search Strings Breakdown

From: Psychosocial resources developed and trialled for Indigenous people with autism spectrum disorder and their caregivers: a systematic review and catalogue

Population Condition Intervention/Supports Outcome
Indigenous OR Aborigin* OR “Torres Strait” OR Maori OR Māori OR Inuit* OR Eskimo* OR Meti OR Méti OR “First Nation” OR “First people*” OR “Native American*” OR “American Indian*” OR “North American Native*” OR “Alaska* Native” OR “Native Alaska*” OR Amerind* OR Sami OR Saami OR Sámi OR Laplander* OR Lapp* OR “Native Alaskian*” OR Kalaallit* OR Inupiat* OR Aleut* OR “Pacific Island*” OR “Native Hawaiian*” OR “Hawaiian native*” OR Yupik OR Athabaska* OR “Native Polynesia*”
excl. Native, tribal, tribe, OR Indígena* OR Aborígene* OR Índio* OR Indio* OR autochtone OR Urfolk OR Alkuasukas OR Inhemsk OR Indigene OR Aborigène OR лопари́ OR туземец* OR абориген* OR “Indians of north America”
Autis* OR Asperger* OR “Neurodevelopmental disorder*” OR “Intellectual disabilit*” OR “Intellectual development* disorder” OR “Developmental delay” OR “Communicati* disorder” OR “Language disorder” OR “Speech sound disorder” OR “Childhood-onset fluency disorder” OR “Pragmatic language impairment” OR “Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder” OR ADHD OR “Attention deficit disorder” OR “Specific learning disorder” OR “Motor disorder” OR “Developmental coordination disorder” OR “Stereotypic movement disorder” OR “Tic disorder” OR Tourette* OR “Autistic Disorder” OR “Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified” OR “PDD-NOS” OR “Childhood disintegrative disorder” OR “Semantic-pragmatic disorder” OR “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” OR “Disruptive Behavio* Disorder” OR “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” OR “Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder” OR “Hyperkinetic Syndrome” OR ADDH OR “Development* Disorder” OR “Development* disability” OR “Kanner* Syndrome” OR “Phonological Disorder” OR “Development* Deviation” OR “Mental Retardation” OR “Developmental Academic Disorder” OR “Learning Disabilit*” OR “Developmental Dyscalculia” OR Dyslexia OR “Reading Disorder” OR “Reading disability” OR “Motor Skills Disorder” OR Mutism OR “Kussmaul* Aphasia” OR “Neuro atypical”
excl. ADD, SCD
Therap* OR Treatment* OR Intervention* OR Support* OR Program* OR Service* OR Project* OR Assistance OR Tool* OR Training OR Resource OR Application OR App OR Counselling OR Counseling “Mental health” OR “Psychological health” OR Connectedness OR Wellbeing OR Well-being OR Happiness OR Psychosocial OR “Social skills” OR “Social functioning” OR Belonging OR Resilience OR Interpersonal OR self-esteem OR “self esteem” OR “Community connection” OR “emotional development” OR “social development” OR “spiritual development” OR “spiritual health” OR “emotional health” OR “social health” OR “spiritual connection” OR spirituality