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Table 7 Descriptive Information of Cohort 2 Participants at Pre-Intervention

From: A case study of using the He Pikinga Waiora Implementation Framework: challenges and successes in implementing a twelve-week lifestyle intervention to reduce weight in Māori men at risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity

VariableCronbach’s alphanMSD
Age 2440.587.67
NZDepi (8 items; 0–8 with 8 being highest deprivation)81.881.36
Food Insecurity (3 items, 1–3 with 3 being lowest insecurity).89242.500.67
Trust in Institutions (7 items; 0–10 with 10 as highest trust).93223.352.13
Cultural identity (3 items; 1–4 with 4 being highest identity).69183.110.60
Efficacy in making change (1–5 with 1 = highest efficacy).91241.610.75
Readiness to make change (1–5 with 1 = highest readiness).9091.740.72