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Table 2 Outcomes Measures

From: A case study of using the He Pikinga Waiora Implementation Framework: challenges and successes in implementing a twelve-week lifestyle intervention to reduce weight in Māori men at risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity

Height & Weight (BMI)XX
Self-reported health (1 item) [33]XX
Health related quality of life (HRQOL, 7 items) [34, 35]XX
Health service utilisation (6 items) [36]XX
Total days with 30 min moderate/15 min vigorous activity (1 item) [36]XX
Nutritional intake (9 items) [37]XX
Social support (2 items) [38]XX (cohort 1 only)
Readiness to change (3 items) [39]XX (cohort 1 only)
Self-efficacy to change (3 items) [39]XX (cohort 1 only)
New Zealand deprivation index (8 items) [40]X 
Trust in institutions (7 items) [41]X 
Cultural identity (2 items) [42]X 
Open-ended questions: impact on health and that of their whānau, changes made and what they liked about the programme X