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Table 1 Intervention Features

From: A case study of using the He Pikinga Waiora Implementation Framework: challenges and successes in implementing a twelve-week lifestyle intervention to reduce weight in Māori men at risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity

ElementCohort 1Cohort 2
Physical ActivityFour self-selected activity groups: a) walking group + box fit (moderate intensity) or Zuu fit (high intensity interval training) classes; b) walking group only; c) Box and/or Zuu fit classes; and d) self-organising group involving various activities including walking and touch rugbyIndividually tailored consultations about physical activity (education, workout plans, and physical activity sessions); Delivered through whatever means was desired (e.g., phone, face-to-face, home visit)
NutritionWeekly one-hour didactic sessionWeekly 30-min education delivered via a booklet
Who DeliveredTuakana (senior mentor) who was also a participantKaiarahi (guide or community health worker)
FrequencyThree times per week for 1 h each sessionDetermined by the participant
Other ElementsMonthly prizes for greatest percentages of weight loss; Facebook group; Participant information bookletsHealth screen with nurse (e.g., lipids, blood pressure, CVD risk) at baseline with referral to GPs if necessary