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Table 2 CKD health care trajectories

From: Health care trajectories and barriers to treatment for patients with end-stage renal disease without health insurance in Mexico: a mixed methods approach

 N (199)%
First treatment received
 Peritoneal dialysis6130.7
 No response63.0
Current treatment
 Peritoneal dialysis3919.6
Medical professional who prescribed treatment
Time elapsed between first prescription and receiving treatment
  < 31 days13768.8
  ≥ 31 days6231.2
Time spent in renal replacement therapy  
  < 3 months3819.1
  ≥ 3 months16180.9
Continuity of treatment (at least three haemodialysis sessions per week)
 Does not apply (peritoneal dialysis)3919.6
Hospitalizations for health complications in the last year
Patient has uncertainties regarding treatment