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Table 1 Demographic and health characteristics of patients with ESRD

From: Health care trajectories and barriers to treatment for patients with end-stage renal disease without health insurance in Mexico: a mixed methods approach

Demographic variables
Age (SD)42.9 (15.4)
State of residence
 Mexico City8140.7
 State of Mexico10854.3
 Other states105.0
Type of location
 DK/NR (Doesn’t know/no response)105.0
Marital status
Level of education completed
 None/Elementary school8643.2
 Middle school and higher11356.8
 Self-employed/Informal work/Agricultural work3115.6
Monthly incomea(individual or family)
  < 110 USD10452.3
 110–330 USD6633.2
  > 330 USD105.0
Health variables
Self-perception of health
 Very bad/Bad7738.7
 Very good/Good6030.2
Limitations in activities of daily living
Difficulty with activities of daily living in the previous month
  1. a Value calculated as of May 2018 using an exchange rate of 20 MXN (Mexican peso) = 1 USD