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Table 5 Rotated component matrix (oblique rotation), health outcomes

From: Assessing health outcomes in the aftermath of the great recession: a comparison of Spain and the Netherlands

Mental health
Physical health
Social health
How happy are you? 0.7626   
Satisfied with life as a whole 0.7630   
Felt depressed last week, how often 0.6255   
Sleep was restless last week, how often 0.6736   
Couldn’t get going last week, how often 0.6996   
Self-rated health   0.7525  
Hampered in daily activities   0.7212  
Health problems   0.5647  
Meet with friends/relatives/colleagues, how often    0.5259
Take part in social activities relative to peers    0.4364
Number of people to discuss personal matters    0.4778
Variance explained 0.6071 0.5077 0.5033