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Table 2 Underlying questions of key predictor and outcome variables

From: Assessing health outcomes in the aftermath of the great recession: a comparison of Spain and the Netherlands

Expected component Variable name Scale ESS question
Financial security Using this card, please tell me which letter describes your household’s total income, after tax and compulsory deductions, from all sources? 1 = first decile; 10 = tenth decile F41
Which of the descriptions on this card comes closest to how you feel about your household’s income nowadays? 1 = very difficult on present income; 4 = very easy on present income F42
What was your main activity in the past 7 days? 1 = employed; 0 = unemployed F17a
Mental health Taking all things together, how happy would you say you are? 1 = very unhappy; 10 = very happy C1
How satisfied are you with your life as a whole? 1 = very unsatisfied; 10 = very satisfied B20
When was the last time you felt depressed? 1 = all or almost all of the time; 4 = none or almost none of the time E20
When was the last time you felt that everything you did was an effort? 1 = all or almost all of the time; 4 = none or almost none of the time E21
When was the last time your sleep was restless? 1 = all or almost all of the time; 4 = none or almost none of the time E22
Physical health How is your health in general? 1 = very bad; 5 = very good C7
Are you hampered in your daily activities in any way by any longstanding illness, or disability, infirmity or mental health problem? 1 = yes, a lot; 2 = yes, somewhat; 3 = no C8
Have you or ever have you had the health problems listed on the showcard? (diabetes, heart/circulation problems, breathing problems or high blood pressure) 0 = yes; 1 = no E30
Social health Compared to other people of your age, how often would you say you take part in social activities? 1 = much less than most; 5 = much more than most C2
How often do you meet socially with friends, relatives or work colleagues? 1 = never; 7 = every day C4
How many people, if any, are there with whom you can discuss intimate and personal matters? 1 = none; 6 = 10 or more C3