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Table 1 Key interview questions and examples of follow-up questions

From: Salutogenic model of health to identify turning points and coping styles for eating practices in type 2 diabetes mellitus

  Timeline Food-box
Key questions Could you talk me through your timeline?
In what way did this specific moment change eating practices/behaviour/diet?
What were the things you were eating during this specific period?
Could you explain why you have chosen these specific objects?
Sample follow-up questions How was your childhood?
Could you describe how things used to be at the dinner table when you were a child?
What kind of foods did you eat as a child?
How did you learn how to cook?
When did you leave parental house?
What kind of foods are liked by your partner?
When did you become a parent?
What is it like being a parent?
How did you experienced breakfast/lunch/dinner when your children lived at home?
What foods did/do your children like?
How did T2DM diagnosis affect you?
How has T2DM diagnosis influenced your eating behaviour?
When did you start eating this specific product?
Do you eat/use this at specific occasions or with specific persons?
Are you satisfied with your current eating practices? And why (not)?
What things make it easier for you to eat healthily? Why?
What things make it difficult for you to eat healthily? Why? How do you deal with these?
What would be your ideal eating pattern?
What would help you to reach this ideal eating pattern?
If you compare your eating practices in the past to now, what has changed?