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Table 3 Estimated poverty lines, poverty rates, and prevalence of poor health outcome

From: Exploring the health-relevant poverty line: a study using the data of 663,000 individuals in Japan

Health outcomePoverty linePoverty rate (%)Prevalence (%) of poor health outcome
 (× median incomea)Below theAbove theDifferenced
poverty line (A)poverty line (B)(AB)
Poor/fair SRHbConventionally defined0.5014.
(N = 633,258) 0.6019.917.411.95.4
Method I0.8638.015.811.34.5
Method II0.6724.417.011.85.2
Poor SRHConventionally defined0.5014.
(N = 633,258) 0.6019.
Method I0.8436.
Method II0.6825.
Subjective symptomConventionally defined0.5014.339.132.76.4
(N = 633,258) 0.6020.138.332.45.9
Method I0.8638.336.731.65.1
Method II0.7630.937.431.95.5
ADLc problemConventionally defined0.5014.316.711.05.7
(N = 559,269) 0.6020.
Method I0.8638.014.510.24.3
Method II0.6825.215.610.55.0
Psychological distressConventionally defined0.5014.
(N = 139,132) 0.6020.
Method I0.7228.
Method II0.6926.
  1. Note. acalculated in each year. bself-rated health. cactivities of daily life. dthe maximum values for each health outcome are underlined