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Table 4 The reasons for NHIS registration by wealth quintiles. N = 19,513

From: The state of enrollment on the National Health Insurance Scheme in rural Ghana after eight years of implementation

FactorsWealth quintiles
Poorest(n = 4592)Mod poor (n = 3691)Average (n = 3434)Mod rich (n = 4436)Richest (n = 3360)Total (N = 19,513)
Premium affordable6.
Easy access to health care41.340.540.937.639.039.9
Good benefit package6.
Guaranteed access to health care25.624.421.622.716.822.5
Benefited from health insurance10.711.99.612.512.111.4
Good attitude of insurance staff0.
Good quality of health care1.
Good waiting time0.00.10.1000.0
Drugs are available1.
Good attitude of health workers0.
Exempt from premium payment0.
Default SSNIT membership0.
Don’t know5.
  1. Abbreviations: SSNIT: Social Security and National Insurance Trust; Mod poor: Moderately poor; Mod rich: Moderately poor