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Table 3 Mediation effects of socioeconomic position on subjective caregiver burden through unfulfilled support needs, psychosocial resources and health status of care-receiver

From: Social inequalities in the burden of care: a dyadic analysis in the caregiving partners of persons with a physical disability

  Point estimate (Unstandardized) Product of coefficients Bias corrected and accelerated 95% CI
SE Z Lower Upper
Psychosocial resources −1.02 0.33 −3.04 −1.56 −0.29
Unfulfilled support needs −0.43 0.24 −1.77 −1.09 −0.07
Health status of care-receiver −0.67 0.42 −1.58 −1.42 −0.37
  1. Abbreviations: CI Confidence Interval, SE Standard Error