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Table 3 Ethnic or cultural background Census of the Population 2016

From: Ethnicity recording in health and social care data collections in Ireland: where and how is it measured and what is it used for?

Ethnic or cultural backgroundTotal (%)
 Irish3,854,226 (82.2)
 Irish Traveller30,987 (0.7)
 Other White446,727 (9.5)
Black or Black Irish
 African57,850 (1.2)
 Any other Black background6789 (0.2)
Asian or Asian Irish
 Chinese19,447 (0.4)
 Any other Asian background79,273 (1.7)
Other including mixed background70,603 (1.5)
Not stated124,019 (2.6)
  1. Source: Central Statistics Office. Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 1