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Table 1 Recording of ethnicity and other related variables in the Census and national health and social care data collections

From: Ethnicity recording in health and social care data collections in Ireland: where and how is it measured and what is it used for?

Data collectionWeb link to data dictionary/data collection formProcess for data accessIdentifiersEthnic or cultural backgroundCountry of birthCitizenshipNationalityLength of stayLanguageReligion
 Census of the population 2016Name, address, DOBCensus categories (see Table 2) 
National health and social care data collections
 National Psychiatric In-Patient Reporting systemAddress, DOBCensus categories and Roma     
 National Drug Treatment Reporting SystemName, address, DOB, health identifierCensus categories and Roma    
 Perinatal mortality surveillance system  Census categories      
 Severe Maternal Morbidity Audit Census categories      
 Surveillance of homebirths database  Census categories      
 Computerised Infectious Disease Reporting e.g. GonorrhoeaName, address, DOBCensus categories and Roma     
 Cystic Fibrosis Registry Name, address, DOBCensus categories      
 Irish Childhood Diabetes Register  DOBCensus categories