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Table 3 Results of the logistic regression model with “Honesty of the treating physician about therapy” as dependent variable (reference: Yes)

From: Does migrant background predict to what extent colorectal cancer patients want to be informed about their life expectancy? – a cross-sectional analysis

Independent variable aOR95%-CIp-value
Migrant background (ref.: Non-migrant)Migrant0.9810.287–3.3490.975
Gender (ref.: Male)Female1.1260.614–2.0610.701
Age (ref.: <  50 years)50–59 years1.4640.390–5.4890.572
60–69 years1.8380.510–6.6300.352
70–79 years4.220*1.124–15.8450.033
≥ 80 years2.6480.746–9.4010.132
Best spoken language
(ref.: German/bilingual)
UICC stage (ref.: 0-II)III-IV1.3030.681–2.4920.424
Chemotherapy (ref.: No)Yes1.4230.661–3.0600.367
Radiotherapy (ref.: No)Yes1.2400.148–10.4260.843
RCT (ref.: No)Yes0.5060.048–5.3010.569
  1. Adjusted odds ratio (aOR) and 95% confidence intervals (95%-CI), n = 490
  2. Cox & Snell R2 = 0.03, Nagelkerke R2 = 0.06, * p < 0.05