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Table 1 Description of the study sample by migrant background (total sample: n = 522)

From: Does migrant background predict to what extent colorectal cancer patients want to be informed about their life expectancy? – a cross-sectional analysis

 Non-migrant background
n total = 437
Migrant background
n total = 85
  <  50 years5412.41720.0
 50–59 years8619.72225.9
 60–69 years14433.02428.2
 70–79 years13029.62124.7
  ≥ 80 years235.311.2
 2nd generation002428.2
 1st generation006171.8
Best spoken language< 0.001*
 German and other language003237.6
 Other than German20.52529.4
UICC stage a0.905#
 UICC 0-II24055.44654.8
 UICC III-IV19344.63845.2
Positive family history for CRC0.997*
German Procedure Classification (OPS)b0.854*
 Colectomy and proctocolectomy123.623.1
 Extended colon resection with resection of neighboring organs278.069.2
 Rectum resection with sphincter preservation11534.22436.9
 Rectum excision without sphincter conservation226.523.1
Favored extent of information about life expectancyc0.041*
 I don’t want to know it5613.41821.4
Trust in the treating physician reg. Information about actual treatment pland0.562*
Most important informatione0.728*
 Duration of hospitalization3910.4810.8
 Life expectancy7219.21418.9
 Adequate treatment received8121.61418.9
 Training of treating physician61.611.4
 No. of patients with same condition treated by physician92.411.4
 Alternative medication154.000
 Expectancy of following normal daily activities143.734.1
 More than one answer given13937.13344.5
  1. * chi-square test, # fisher s exact test, § p-value not applicable, a N = 517, b N = 401, c N = 503, d N = 495, e N = 449