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Fig. 4 | International Journal for Equity in Health

Fig. 4

From: Have inequalities in all-cause and cause-specific child mortality between countries declined across the world?

Fig. 4

Concentration curve (a) all cause under-five/neonatal/post-neonatal deaths and cause-specific post-neonatal deaths (b) cause-specific neonatal deaths (blue line: concentration curve in 2000, red line: concentration curve in 2015, black diagonal line: equality line; y-axis: accumulated percentage of deaths, x-axis: accumulated percentage of live births from the lowest wealth ranking to the highest; < 1: neonates, 1-59: 1-59 months (post-neonates); Congenital ano.: congenital anomaly, preterm birth.: preterm birth complication, IRE: intrapartum-related events)

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