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Table 3 Summary of Pearson correlations between health stock with GDP, IWI, Produce Capital (PC), Human Capital (HC), Natural Capital (NC), life expectancy, fertility rate, mortality rate, population and working-age population

From: Inequality of health stock and the relation to national wealth

Country Health stock growth (%) Pearson Correlation
GDP IWI PC HC NC Life expectancy Fertility Rate Mortality rate Total population Working age population
Qatar 6.9 .997a .984a .976a .993a −.987a .925a −.934a −.806a .996a .994a
United Arab Emirates 4.9 .992a .955a .958a .959a −.999a .989a −.944a −.964a .970a .961a
Bahrain 4.0 .995a .976a .986a .973a −.945a .950a −.928a −.865a .997a .997a
Afghanistan 3.9 .795a .971a .596a .979a −.923a .992a −.856a −.995a .990a .986a
Jordan 3.7 .984a .994a .990a .994a −.945a .980a −.880a −.977a .990a .990a
Niger 3.6 .989a .988a .850a .999a −.840a .992a −.990a −.981a 1.000a .999a
Uganda 3.6 .997a .997a .984a .998a −.991a .982a −.993a −.970a .999a 1.000a
Yemen 3.3 .959a .994a .981a .999a −0.34479464 .999a −.982a −.984a .999a 1.000a
Benin 3.3 .997a .994a .991a .999a −.958a .982a −.987a −.990a 1.000a 1.000a
Congo 3.3 .986a .977a .931a .992a −.962a .844a −.952a −.848a .994a .991a
Zambia 3.2 .980a .992a .900a .996a −.971a .975a −.998a −.974a .996a .996a
Liberia 3.1 .961a −0.14548 .652a .983a −.963a .982a −.985a −.975a .995a .993a
United Republic of Tanzania 3.1 .993a .998a .983a .998a 0.28074611 .984a −.963a −.971a .999a .999a
Democratic Republic of the Congo 3.1 .499b .983a −0.1145 .998a −.996a .975a −.896a −.997a .999a .999a
Gambia 3.0 .986a .888a .986a .985a −.719a .997a −.989a −.996a .994a .993a
Mali 3.0 .997a .943a .998a .999a −.822a .991a −.988a −.992a 1.000a 1.000a
Rwanda 3.0 .974a .984a .916a .988a .783a .942a −.932a −.930a .988a .984a
Mozambique 2.9 .975a .835a .881a .992a .679a .996a −.995a −.985a .993a .996a
Burundi 2.9 .842a .991a .926a .994a −.600a .976a −.996a −.995a .997a .994a
Malawi 2.8 .988a .995a .957a .989a −.906a .986a −.975a −.936a .985a .993a
Togo 2.8 .952a .994a .674a .997a −.872a .685a −.973a −.992a .999a .997a
Iraq 2.8 .955a .978a .780a .996a −.993a .533a −.891a −.989a .996a .997a
Maldives 2.8 .955a .935a .942a .985a −.730a .983a −.917a −.983a .976a .972a
Kenya 2.8 .991a .993a .985a .988a −0.161213874 .839a −.983a −.974a .990a .989a
Cameroon 2.7 .987a .440b .980a .998a −.852a .879a −.967a −.888a 1.000a .999a
Senegal 2.7 .996a .982a .993a .998a −.746a .965a −.924a −.970a 1.000a 1.000a
Nigeria 2.6 .983a .976a .716a .996a −.997a .970a −.985a −.995a 1.000a .999a
Singapore 2.6 .984a .993a .992a .993a −.549a .997a −.938a −.908a .999a .989a
Mauritania 2.6 .976a .964a .886a .998a −.615a .995a −.989a −.908a .999a .999a
Sudan (former) 2.5 .951a .979a .896a .979a −.755a .974a −.994a −.989a .987a .986a
Gabon 2.5 .818a .950a .971a .995a −.966a .617a −.968a −.991a .995a .989a
Honduras 2.5 .984a .981a .995a .994a −.995a .983a −1.000a −.992a 1.000a .995a
Papua New Guinea 2.5 .907a .461b .901a .995a 0.201209992 .996a −.988a −.986a .999a .998a
Israel 2.5 .993a .997a .997a .996a −.952a .994a .772a −.983a .999a .999a
Kuwait 2.4 .909a .626a .839a .840a −.908a .892a −.755a −.876a .833a .841a
Côte d’Ivoire 2.4 .926a .996a −.829a .998a .821a 0.092503004 −.991a −.972a .998a .996a
Belize 2.3 .992a .993a .995a .993a −.987a −0.17016075 −.990a −.953a .999a .997a
Central African Republic 2.3 .527a −.892a −0.30506 .998a −.985a 0.300921174 −.997a −.960a .976a .960a
Cambodia 2.2 .958a −.703a .918a .997a −.982a .978a −.983a −.931a .997a .987a
Guatemala 2.2 .998a .994a .996a .996a −.965a .988a −.996a −.982a .999a .994a
Botswana 2.1 .980a .988a .987a .979a −.958a .481b −.838a −.738a .955a .952a
Saudi Arabia 2.1 .916a .970a .882a .979a −.734a .978a −.993a −.965a .980a .969a
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 2.1 .960a .814a .940a .995a −.439b .998a −.988a −.998a 1.000a .990a
Malaysia 2.1 .983a .991a .990a .993a −.981a .996a −.985a −.946a .999a .996a
Pakistan 2.1 .981a .983a .996a .993a −.999a .998a −.983a −.999a .997a .994a
Ghana 2.1 .978a .985a .949a .999a −0.379000818 .943a −.969a −.992a .998a .999a
Haiti 2.0 .709a .914a .911a .916a −.927a .921a −.939a −.994a .933a .928a
Egypt 2.0 .994a .998a .997a .996a −.987a .933a −.646a −.934a .996a .989a
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 2.0 .981a 0.28263 .983a .996a −.998a .998a −.997a −.990a .999a .999a
Namibia 1.9 .992a .984a .958a .994a .695a −0.104628892 −.905a −.855a .984a .987a
Philippines 1.9 .973a .996a .992a .997a .466b .987a −.997a −.972a .999a .999a
Nepal 1.9 .974a 0.069673 .975a .987a −.962a .999a −.987a −.998a 1.000a .993a
Cyprus 1.9 .953a .996a .992a .995a −0.052281633 .998a −.955a −.985a .997a .995a
Nicaragua 1.8 .960a .962a .915a .982a −.954a .998a −.990a −.996a .994a .987a
Algeria 1.8 .975a .996a .943a .995a −.996a .987a −.644a −.991a 1.000a .992a
Costa Rica 1.8 .972a .981a .957a .995a 0.188450467 .998a −.993a −.975a .999a .997a
Paraguay 1.8 .926a .996a .971a .993a −.907a .997a −.997a −1.000a 1.000a .996a
Tajikistan 1.8 .535a .994a −.968a .996a −.534a .990a −.885a −.962a .999a .996a
Swaziland 1.8 .990a .974a .673a .988a .982a −0.298820066 −.933a 0.084098499 .978a .988a
Luxembourg 1.7 .966a .998a .995a .993a .689a .989a −.675a −.914a .999a .994a
Ecuador 1.7 .962a .982a .948a .996a −.994a .985a −.979a −.975a .999a .999a
Panama 1.6 .945a .978a .931a .998a −.431b .999a −.965a −.995a .999a 1.000a
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 1.6 .897a .963a .894a .996a −.999a .986a −.989a −.977a 1.000a .999a
Sierra Leone 1.5 .877a .968a .806a .978a −.895a .965a −.948a −.947a .969a .971a
Bangladesh 1.5 .947a .975a .927a .988a −.614a 1.000a −.997a −1.000a .999a .997a
India 1.5 .963a .985a .943a .997a −.988a .997a −.998a −.999a .999a .999a
Dominican Republic 1.5 .990a .996a .991a .996a −.955a .996a −.985a −.961a .999a .999a
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 1.4 .954a .983a .950a .988a −.982a .995a −.907a −.990a .995a .982a
Mongolia 1.4 .930a 0.040494 .905a .994a −.867a .995a −0.376136714 −.982a .996a .992a
Mexico 1.4 .989a .992a .987a .995a −.986a .985a −.981a −.982a .999a .998a
Turkey 1.4 .970a .992a .980a .994a −.971a .995a −.986a −.994a .998a .999a
Ireland 1.3 .920a .992a .996a .988a −0.303411632 .990a 0.338273565 −.968a .996a .956a
Morocco 1.3 .964a .989a .958a .996a −0.123423879 .994a −.904a −.995a .998a .999a
Myanmar 1.3 .926a −0.21738 .802a .993a −.992a .996a −.979a −.996a .997a .997a
Viet Nam 1.3 .974a .999a .944a .999a −.622a .999a −.869a −.972a .999a .997a
Peru 1.3 .943a .927a .899a .991a −.752a .995a −.983a −.989a .998a .996a
Indonesia 1.3 .937a .986a .977a .994a −.992a .997a −.866a −.998a .996a .999a
Colombia 1.3 .963a .979a .958a .997a −.745a .994a −.992a −.995a .998a .998a
Syrian Arab Republic 1.3 .949a .955a .876a .955a −.919a 0.356648404 −.913a −.937a .969a .972a
Brazil 1.2 .963a .983a .950a .992a −.998a 1.000a −.996a −.995a 1.000a .999a
Chile 1.2 .978a .972a .944a .985a −.915a .998a −.998a −.948a .996a .992a
Australia 1.2 .998a .985a .975a .989a −.972a .993a 0.314032154 −.971a .989a .993a
Zimbabwe 1.2 .923a .592a 0.258223 .547a −.501b .686a −0.204894318 −.803a .599a .555a
South Africa 1.1 .968a .983a .985a .959a −.969a − 0.326603591 −.868a −.647a .962a .955a
Argentina 1.1 .935a .992a .958a .998a −.842a .997a −.970a −.985a 1.000a 1.000a
New Zealand 1.1 .992a .921a .984a .997a .614a .990a 0.031606767 −.952a .999a .996a
Iceland 1.1 .982a .829a .992a .985a −.659a .962a −0.370058434 −.966a .993a .999a
Tunisia 1.0 .979a .989a .974a .991a −.996a .986a −.827a −.995a .998a .998a
United States of America 1.0 .990a .995a .994a .994a −.982a .992a −.447b −.974a .999a .999a
Sri Lanka 1.0 .948a .982a .941a .982a −.916a .954a −.836a −.978a .995a .986a
Jamaica 0.9 .852a .996a .994a .991a −.788a .928a −.997a −.991a .997a .994a
Kyrgyzstan 0.9 .734a .994a .807a .994a .928a .771a −0.135230428 −.995a .998a .992a
Norway 0.9 .931a .994a .998a .998a −.970a .983a −0.116491378 −.900a 1.000a .999a
Canada 0.9 .985a .983a .972a .988a −.814a .990a −0.384309068 −.956a .993a .991a
Mauritius 0.8 .989a .994a .986a .997a −.972a .983a −.982a −.910a .984a .997a
Spain 0.8 .899a .975a .983a .968a .622a .964a .651a −.838a .989a .963a
Switzerland 0.7 .967a .987a .951a .997a −.993a .972a −0.08072924 −.914a .998a .991a
Fiji 0.7 .983a .994a .993a .994a .461b .998a −.995a −.525a .992a .994a
El Salvador 0.6 .973a .936a .938a .934a .731a .963a −.971a −.985a .984a .940a
Thailand 0.6 .927a .976a .976a .970a −.965a .840a −.993a −.996a .991a .993a
Sweden 0.6 .921a .981a .982a .982a −.873a .963a 0.101445839 −.871a .999a .971a
Republic of Korea 0.6 .978a .978a .978a .976a 0.037849082 .986a −.887a −.993a .999a .997a
Malta 0.5 .987a .961a .962a .961a 0.261203029 .944a −.904a −.975a .991a .988a
United Kingdom 0.5 .951a .998a .989a .999a −.951a .997a .587a −.949a .993a .990a
China 0.5 .847a .887a .807a .971a −.914a .952a −.778a −.948a .982a .970a
Belgium 0.5 .911a .968a .963a .970a .851a .960a .766a −.813a .993a .987a
France 0.5 .968a .998a .999a .996a .435b .996a .949a −.890a .999a .980a
Austria 0.5 .962a .975a .973a .969a −0.082365879 .968a −0.213468899 −.947a .982a .974a
Netherlands 0.5 .976a .992a .991a .993a −.996a .954a .797a −.991a .998a .981a
Denmark 0.4 .952a .982aa .993a .965a −.928a .976a 0.274251904 −.959a .991a .988a
Portugal 0.4 .897a .998a .995a .998a −0.330767899 .984a −.856a −.953a .941a .747a
Finland 0.4 .901a .987a .980a .985a −.866a .994a 0.068426936 −.980a .999a .908a
Uruguay 0.3 .814a .965a .916a .984a −.702a .988a −.996a −.975a .989a .974a
Italy 0.3 .617a .944a .936a .948a 0.13089452 .919a .855a −.800a .966a 0.052788676
Barbados 0.3 .943a .993a .985a .990a −.986a .996a .949a −.615a .994a .998a
Kazakhstan 0.2 .594a .719a .793a .579a −.469b .826a .829a −0.327880182 .978a .762a
Czech Republic 0.2 .741a .787a .799a .756a −.717a .728a 0.284642336 −.519a .986a .403b
Greece 0.1 .728a .896a .836a .929a −.909a .825a 0.194590328 −.919a .944a .867a
Lesotho 0.1 −0.04098 −0.12795 −0.1696 − 0.09869 −0.187421016 .647a 0.324560341 −.707a −0.15536 −0.125005334
Cuba 0.1 0.036673 0.356651 −.878a .464b .873a .447b −.878a −.629a .654a .541a
Germany 0.1 0.084016 0.155109 0.089014 0.249967 −0.100457743 0.080313022 −.435b −0.321908487 .749a .536a
Slovakia 0.1 0.065469 0.294484 0.182123 0.2956 0.347932266 0.282911334 −.794a −.405b .701a .403b
Poland 0.0 −.742a −.700a −.762a −.645a .676a −.657aa 0.214183269 .555a .543a −.551a
Slovenia −0.1 −.797a −.912a −.893a −.923a −.639a −.912a −.487b .896a −.754a −.730a
Japan −0.1 −.688a −.657a −.605a −.693a 0.322439786 −.704a −0.112441575 .691a −.454b .977a
Hungary −0.2 −.937a −.990a −.966a −.985a .983a −.974a .778aa .977a .970a .421b
Guyana −0.3 −.740a −.789a −.721a −.924a −.753a −.638a .866a .645a −0.14194 −.907a
Romania −0.3 −.863a −.940a −.846a −.771a .985a −.898a 0.006284897 .959a .977a .857a
Russian Federation −0.3 −.472b −.497b 0.249803 −.966a 0.389953573 −0.189673631 0.139860835 .809a .920a −.935a
Trinidad and Tobago −0.4 −.987a 0.244115 −.830a −.980a .973a −.951a .642a .959a −.982a −.966a
Albania −0.4 −.831a −.860a −.835a −.863a .713a −.821a .805a .819a .776a −0.065109846
Croatia −0.4 −0.38989 −.672a −.652a −.680a −.650a −.650a .409b .839a .855a .853a
Serbia −0.5 − 0.34839 −.956a −.849a −.914a −.855a −.909a −.580a .956a .914a .858a
Armenia −0.7 −.522a −0.30719 −.470b 0.022436 −0.369420685 −.848a .930a .875a .936a .907a
Ukraine −0.7 0.066367 .680a .918a −.855a .636a −0.39443992 0.345994432 .902a .980a .947a
Estonia −0.9 −.768a −.628a −.781a − 0.0765 −0.234462661 −.774a 0.254495629 .942a .993a .947a
Bulgaria −0.9 −.566a −.864a −.702a −.912a .859a −.770a 0.042146942 .863a .991a .925a
Republic of Moldova −1.0 −0.11151 −.976a .967a −.977a 0.220245902 −.830a .870a .962a .985a −.997a
Lithuania −1.2 −.826a −.976a −.971a −.417b −.570a −.803a 0.294372658 .919a .992a .991a
Latvia −1.3 −.649a −.848a −.905a .882a −.956a −.878a 0.196002056 .935a .997a .985a
  1. a. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)
  2. b. Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed)