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Table 1 Descriptive stats

From: Horizontal equity in access to public GP services by socioeconomic group: potential bias due to a compartmentalised approach

Type Var.VariableMeanN
Dependent variable (last health service visit during the past four weeks)Public primary care0.247823,062
Private primary care0.0148
Public specialist care0.0771
Private specialist care0.0289
No visits0.6314
Demographic variablesFemale0.541123,089
Age 15–340.168723,089
Age 35–440.1797
Age 45–540.1782
Age 55–640.1693
Age more than 640.3042
Health state variablesHealth very good0.181523,089
Health good0.4827
Health fair0.2396
Health bad0.0747
Health very bad0.0216
Socioeconomic VariablesPrimary studies or less0.312123,089
Obligatory Secondary studies0.3062
Occupational training or pre-university studies0.2002
University studies0.1815
High social class (SC)0.180322,483
Medium-high SC0.3359
Medium-low SC0.3397
Low social class0.1442