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Table 3 Summary analysis of UHC policy documents in Benin and Senegal

From: How is equity approached in universal health coverage? An analysis of global and country policy documents in Benin and Senegal

Document no.SourceTitle# pages# occurrences “equit*”# occurrences “equal*”# occurrences “disparit*”Levels of equity consideredTypes of inequity considered (stratifiers)
Broadly speaking/ undefinedSocial determinants and/or health behaviours and/or risk factorsHealth outcomesHealth systems and/or policies and/or distribution of resources/funds/expenditureAccess to (quality) healthcare/services and/or coverage and/or use of servicesFunding/financing (contribution)Financial protection (access) and/or benefit entitlement and/or risk equalisationIncome/ wealth/ povertyEducationUndefined / other socio-economic aspects (formal/informal, financial protection schemes)Geographic: regions and/or urban/ruralGenderAgeCulture/ ethnicity/ religion/ migrants
C1Senegal/MoH 2009PNDS (NHSP) 2009–2018 [46]861355xx xx     x   
C2Senegal/MoH 2013Strategic plan for the development of universal health insurance in Senegal 2013–2017 [47]1271320    xx   x    
C3Senegal/MoH 2017Sector Investment Plan 2017–2021 [48]25240   xx x  x    
C4Senegal/MoHStrategic development plan of the Agency for universal health insurance [49]665216    xxx  x    
C5Senegal/MoH 2017National health financing strategy (NHFS) [50]331676   xxxxx  xx  
C6Benin/MoH 2010PNDS (NHSP) 2009–2018 [51]96657  xxxx x xxx  
C7Benin/MoH 2015National health financing strategy (NHFS) 2016–2020 [52]432111  xxxxx  xx   
C8Benin / Government 2019Project document: Insurance for the strengthening of human capital (ARCH) [53]45942 x  x  x xx   
Total (out of 8 documents):12258543065200
  1. Note: The number of occurrences presented is the number of relevant occurrences: excluding in references and index/contents, and excluding adverbial use of equal* [equally, equal to, etc.]