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Table 2 Screening and intervention proportions

From: Exploratory study of “real world” implementation of a clinical poverty tool in diverse family medicine and pediatric care settings

Setting/SitePatient encounters during implementation perioda
Patients screenedb
n (%)
Patients who screened positiveb,c
n (%)
Patients provided with interventionb,d
n (%)
Community Health Centre1831124 (6.8)48 (38.7)39 (81.3)
Family Health Teams and private fee-for-service family medicine practice1606189 (11.8)59 (31.2)37 (62.7)
Pediatric inpatient263e28 (10.6)3 (10.7)3 (100)
Pediatric outpatient2664240 (9.0)55 (22.9)43 (78.2)
Total6364581 (9.1)165 (28.4)122 (73.9)
  1. a Based on billing remittances, electronic medical records, or manual tally of patients who were under the care of at least one of the participating health care providers during the implementation period (inpatient sites only). For outpatient sites, indicates the total number of encounters (except for one family practice, which only provided the total number of unique patient encounters)
  2. b Self-reported by participating health care providers
  3. c Using number of patients screened as the denominator for calculating proportions
  4. d Using number of patients who screened positive as the denominator for calculating proportions
  5. e Number of admissions during the implementation period where the patient was under the care of at least one participating health care provider