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Table 2 Level of utilization and indications of geographic clustering of use of selected maternal and child health services in four national regions of Ethiopia, December 2016–February 2017

From: Geographic differences in maternal and child health care utilization in four Ethiopian regions; a cross-sectional study

Care utilization indicatorsn/N% (95% CI)Moran’s IndexZ-score of the IndexP-value
Maternal health services
 Four or more antenatal care visits215/71430 (27–35)0.0891.3510.176
 Delivery in a health facility336/71447 (43–51)0.2052.700.006
Child health services
 Fully immunized children 12–23 months age232/56741 (37–45)0.1722.300.021
 Utilization of care for common childhood illnesses during the last 2 weeks67/13948 (40–57)0.0160.4540.640