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Fig. 3

From: Geographic differences in maternal and child health care utilization in four Ethiopian regions; a cross-sectional study

Fig. 3

Spatial patterns of maternal and child health care utilization in 46 districts of the four regions of Ethiopia. The clustered patterns (on the right sides) show that similar coverage values at the district level are close to each other. The outputs have automatically generated keys on the right and left sides of each panel. Auto-generated interpretations available below each panel shows whether the likelihood of clustered patterns occurred randomly is less than 1, 5% or 10%. The bright red and blue colours (to the end tails) indicate increased significance levels. Left to right, the graphs show 1) Antenatal care visits four or more times; 2) Health facility delivery care; 3) Full immunization coverage, and 4) Sick child care-seeking for common childhood illnesses

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