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Table 2 Relative risks for social and emotional developmental vulnerability between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in NSW

From: Social and emotional developmental vulnerability at age five in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in New South Wales: a population data linkage study

Model Covariates adjusted for in each model: Social competence Emotional maturity
   RR (95% CI) RR (95% CI)
1 Sex and AEDC census year. 2.00 (1.89, 2.12) 1.89 (1.77, 2.02)
2 M1 + health insurance/patient, mother partnered/single parent, maternal school education, highest occupation level of either parent, area-level socioeconomic disadvantage, and geographic remoteness 1.31 (1.23, 1.40) 1.24 (1.15, 1.33)
3 M2 + maternal age at childbirth, parity, smoking during pregnancy, antenatal care in the first 20 weeks, maternal comorbidity during pregnancy, and gestational age. 1.21 (1.14, 1.29) 1.16 (1.08, 1.25)
  1. RR relative risk, CI confidence interval