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Table 3 Catastrophic health care expenditure, and mean OOPP expenditure (daily per capita) at different levels of threshold by different approaches

From: Catastrophic health care expenditure in Myanmar: policy implications in leading progress towards universal health coverage

 Share of respondents who experienced catastrophic health care expenditureMean OOPP expenditure, in MMK / in USD
1 USD = 858 MMK
1 USD = 1050 MMK
Equivalized basic needs line, standard WHO approach:
 Catastrophic expenditure (20% threshold)20.9017.85291/0.3603/0.6
 Catastrophic expenditure (30% threshold)12.509.79385/0.4855/0.8
 Catastrophic expenditure (40% threshold)7.006.35526/0.61074/1.0
Equivalized basic needs line, modified WHO approach:
 Catastrophic expenditure (20% threshold)47.8046.78142/0.2263/0.3
 Catastrophic expenditure (30% threshold)43.0041.37142/0.2255/0.2
 Catastrophic expenditure (40% threshold)40.6038.54138/0.2247/0.2