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Table 1 Definitions used for creating variables

From: Catastrophic health care expenditure in Myanmar: policy implications in leading progress towards universal health coverage

Out-of-pocket health expenditureOOPPs refer to the net payment made by households for receiving health care which include the cost of medicines, medical products, outpatient care, dental, travel cost for receiving health care (although it is not included in WHO method, we added traveling cost as one of the burdens to Myanmar people in seeking health care), and inpatient care.
Household consumption expenditureHousehold total consumption, either monetary or in-kind payment for all expenditure.
Food expenditureTotal expenditure on all foodstuffs except alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and food consumption outside the home. The local median value at the time of survey used as a reference value of nonpurchased food items.
Rent expenditureExpenditure on house rent and repaired are included under rent expenditure.
Utility expenditureExpenditure on energy, including firewood, charcoal, kerosene, diesel, gas (propane or other gases), public electricity, electricity from private sources, candles, and battery charging; and water are included.
Medicines (drugs)Expenditure on traditional medicines, medicines obtained with vouchers (e.g., prescriptions from doctors or other health professionals), other medicines/drugs (e.g., cold remedies and vitamins), and other health care nondurables (e.g., bandages and birth spacing methods) are included.
Medical products and equipmentExpenditure on medical devices (e.g., eye glasses and hearing aids).
Outpatient care (outpatient)Expenditure on out-patient care at public hospitals/health centers/clinics, out-patient care at private hospitals/health centers/clinics, home visits by doctors or other health professionals, care from traditional healer and other health care.
DentalExpenditure on dental care.
TravelExpenditure on health-related transportation costs.
Inpatient careExpenditure on in patient stays/long-term care in public hospitals and in patient stay/long-term care in private clinics.
IncomeDaily average income to be consistent with expenditure unit.
ChildrenNumber of children under 5 years.
Household sizeHousehold size.