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Table 1 Terms used in literature search strategy

From: A systematic review of reasons for and against asking patients about their socioeconomic contexts

Action Terms Include* OR record* OR document* OR using OR enquir* OR ask* OR collect* OR gather* OR monitor* OR screen*
Object Terms Social OR socioeconomic OR demographic OR sociodemographic OR income OR wealth OR earning OR poverty OR poor OR depriv* OR “level of Education” OR “education level” OR “Educational attainment” OR “educational achievement” OR “academic achievement” OR numeracy OR “academic Attainment” OR literacy OR qualification* OR employment OR unemployment OR housing OR homeless OR homelessness OR accommodation
Additional Object Terms Data OR details OR information OR determinants
Setting/Staff Terms Healthcare OR “primary care” OR “general practice” OR “family practice” OR doctor OR doctors OR GP OR GPs OR nurse OR nurses OR clinician OR clinicians OR ‘clinical settings’ OR physician OR physicians OR “general practitioner” OR “general practitioner”