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Table 2 Research questions covered in focus groups and interviews

From: The impact of financial crisis and austerity policies in Andalusia, Spain: disentangling the mechanisms of social inequalities in health through the perceptions and experiences of experts and the general population

Thematic Research Questions (TRQ) Dynamic Interview Questions (DIQ)
TRQ1. SES before and after the crisis. DIQ1. What was your life like before the crisis? Have you experienced any change? What were the reasons?
DIQ2. Do you believe the crisis has affected the life of Andalusians? What specific aspects of daily life do you perceive to be affected the most by the crisis?
DIQ3. And for you and the people in your immediate environment, how has the crisis affected all of you?
TRQ2. Health impact of the crisis DIQ4. Do you believe the crisis has had health consequences for Andalusians? In what ways?
DIQ5. Can you imagine any possible ways to avoid these situations? Any solutions?
DIQ6. And with regards to mental health, do you think that Andalusian people have been affected in any way?
DIQ7. How has the crisis affected the Andalusian public healthcare system?
TRQ3. Future health expectations DIQ8. What do you think the health of Andalusians will be like in the future?
DIQ9. Alternative and/or proposal for improved health measures.