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Table 1 Participant Organizational and Socio-demographic data

From: Experience of healthcare among the homeless and vulnerably housed a qualitative study: opportunities for equity-oriented health care

Variable Frequency (%)
Health and Social Service Providers:
 Organization provides care to persons experiencing homelessness or unstable housing 74%
 Organization provides care to persons experiencing substance use 89%
People with lived experience of homelessness
 Identifying as First Nations, Inuit or Metis 13%
 Completed high school of higher education 68%
 Minimum of part time employment 33%
 Duration of homelessness months or years 39%
Frequency of homelessness
 Once 100%
 > 5 times 17%
Service use (last 6 months):
 Emergency department 55%
 Healthcare clinic 48%
 Hospital 45%
 Ambulance services 19%
 Self-reported mental health average or poor 58%
Substance use (last 3 months):
 Alcohol 68%
 Cocaine 32%
 Opioids 29%
 Methadone or Buprenorphine/naloxone 26%
 Crystal Methamphetamine 45%