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Table 1 Characteristics of the benefit schemes State Guaranteed Benefit Programme and Additional Drug Package in Kyrgyzstan

From: Affordable and equitable access to subsidised outpatient medicines? Analysis of co-payments under the Additional Drug Package in Kyrgyzstan

Benefit programme SGBP ADP
Full name State Guaranteed Benefit Programme Additional Drug Package
Year of introduction 2001, first on a pilot basis, then rolled out nationwide 2001, first on a pilot basis, then rolled out nationwide
Objectives To improve access to defined health care services for vulnerable population groups and to increase the efficiency of health services To improve affordability and accessibility of medicines by limiting the financial burden on households and to encourage more rational prescribing and use of medicines
Services covered Primary, secondary and tertiary care; medicines for few defined diseases (see below) Only medicines
Sectors covered Outpatient and inpatient sectors Outpatient sector
Eligibility Any person, regardless of insurance status, with a defined eligible disease Only patients insured by the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (MHIF): prescriptions to be filled in community pharmacies in a contractual relationship with the MHIF
Medicines included Coverage of medicines for defined diseases, including bronchial asthma, cancer in the terminal phase, mental disorders (schizophrenia and affective disorders) and epilepsy Focus is on medicines for non-communicable diseases:58 international non-proprietary names (INN) of medicines and two medical devices in 2015
Co-payment 0% in principle, but some co-payments in reality as prices are not regulated 50% of the calculated tariff, but as prices are not regulated, practice rarely corresponds to 50% of the price paid by patients