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Table 1 Relevant issues used for the development of the conceptual framework of Equity-focused Implementation Research for Health Programs (EquIR)

From: Conceptual framework of equity-focused implementation research for health programs (EquIR)

Models Aspects of equity Relevant issues for the development of the EquIR conceptual framework
National framework for health sector monitoring, evaluation, and analysis [27] General • Monitoring and evaluation if implementation: access and availability of services, coverage of interventions and impact (health condition, ability to respond)
Impact evaluation framework [28] General • Program Planning: Effectiveness analysis, equity analysis, health systems analysis, scale-up analysis, and policy analysis
Framework for strengthening health systems [29] General • Program Planning: Benefits for strengthening health systems
Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARISH) [20] Race/Ethnic • Program Planning: A diagnostic and evaluative measure of evidence and context elements.
• Design: Determination of the most appropriate facilitation method.
Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative (CHNRI) [30] Children’s health • Program Planning:
o Research question: description, delivery, development and discovery research.
o Identification of disadvantaged group: prioritization of research ideas in terms of answerability, effectiveness, deliverability, maximum potential for disease burden reduction, and effect on equity
• Design: facilitated consensus development through measuring collective optimism.
Conceptual Model for Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare [31] Race/Ethnic • Program Planning: make recommendations for future interventions to reduce disparities
Implementing health promotion tools in Australian Indigenous primary healthcare [32] Race/Ethnic • Program Planning: Participation agreements, orientations, and training.
• Design: Quality assessments, feedback and action planning.
• Implementation tools
Large-scale fortification of condiments and seasonings as a public health strategy: equity considerations for implementation [33] General • Implementation of equity strategies: Enhancing the capabilities of the public sector, improving the performance of implementing agencies, strengthening the capabilities and performance of frontline workers, empowering communities and individuals, and supporting multiple stakeholders engaged in improving health.
Equity-focused knowledge translation toolkit [34] General • Getting ready, starting in the right place and developing a comprehensive strategy.
• Building a coalition of partners, determining the current challenge (planning your equity-focused knowledge translation strategy), and clarifying your intended audience
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