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Table 4 REDER’s impact from January 2014 to September 2018

From: Solidarity against healthcare access restrictions on undocumented immigrants in Spain: the REDER case study

REDER. Rights violation registry REDER. Social movement and political incidence
Registration of healthcare rights violation cases, with 4,755 cases of excluded people, of which 55% were in an irregular situation and 19% have EU citizenship. Creation of information and support groups promoted by various social organizations and citizen platforms.
Identification of cases where the RDL recognized healthcare assistance (such as cases of pregnant women, minors, impropriate billing from emergency units). Condemnation of the RDL by various European and international human rights organizations.
A wide casuistic of documented cases in 14 autonomous communities and Melilla. Regional regulations to guarantee assistance for excluded populations.
More than 90% of cases solved (either by healthcare assistance or administrative support). Pact signed by all the opposition political parties to commit themselves to defend a public, universal and quality NHS on 12th September, 2017.
Implication of more than 2,200 professionals as conscientious objectors at the national level, mainly general practitioners. Social cohesion and generation of empathy for the defense of fundamental healthcare rights for the most vulnerable populations.
  1. Source: Elaborated by the authors based on references and interviews [10]