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Table 1 Relevant variables to map the field of health care judicialization and equity in Latin America

From: Is the judicialization of health care bad for equity? A scoping review

Variables Description Values
Type of study Title Title of the study Text
N of Authors Whether the study is authored by a single author or by multiple authors Number
Type of Publication Whether it is a journal article, an entire book or a chapter in an edited volume 1 Article; 2 Book; 3 Edited Volume; 4 Policy Report
Journal or Book title Title of the publication 1 Public health; 2 Law; 3 Other
Year When it was published Number
Language Language in which the study is written Text
Interdisciplinary Whether authors belong to one or more disciplines 1 interdisciplinary; 0 disciplinary
What disciplines the author(s) belong to? Text
Cases of judicialization Country The country or countries the study refers to Text
City/Region Whether the study focuses on a particular city or region within any given country Text
Empirical Equity Impact Assesment Whether the study provides empirical data and analysis to assess impact on equity 1 provides empirical data and analysis; 0 descriptive with no empirical analysis
Comparative Whether it compares several countries or regional cases 1 yes; 0 no
Dynamic perspective Whether it tracks changes over time —in litigation patterns, type of litigants, etc. 1 yes; 0 no
Type of Court Whether the analysis is conducted at lower courts—state courts, city courts, municipal courts— or at the highest court in the land 1 Highest court; 2 Lower courts; 3 both
Entitlements Whether the study refers only to medicines or also to other treatments or procedures beyond pharmaceuticals. 1 Only medicines; 0 other medical treatments as well as medicines
Study design Methods Whether the study uses quantitative modeling, descriptive statistics, qualitative or mixed methods 1 Quantitative (models); 2 Quantitative (descriptive statistics); 3 Qualitative; 4 Mixed
Whether the piece has an independent methods section 1 yes; 0 no
Variables Whether the following set of variables are analyzed: Litigants’ demographics 1 yes; 0 no
Type of legal representation 1 yes; 0 no
Type of claims 1 yes; 0 no
Prices or costs of litigation 1 yes; 0 no
Other Text
Dataset Whether it works with a data set 1 yes; 0 no
Where does the data set come from 1 Totally constructed by the author(s); 2 Provided by the courts/government/litigants but heavily processed by the author(s); 3 Provided by a third party and taken as is
How many observations does the data set have Number
Effect on equity Whether the paper suggests that there is a positive, negative, or ambiguous effect of health litigation on equity 1 Positive; 2 Negative; 3 Ambiguous