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Table 2 Socio-demographic characterists of the participants

From: Experiences with rehabilitation and impact on community participation among adults with physical disability in Colombia: perspectives from stakeholders using a community based research approach

Characteristic/ParticipantUsers with disabilityCaregiversRehab. Professionals*Other stakeholders*
Age (median (IQR))32(5,5)51(12,5)52(4,5)36(5)
Education levelComplete high school or less24Information not collected
Associates degree or more64
Socioeconomic levelLow21Information not collected
Occupation2 students
4 unemployed or w/o occupation
2 retired/pension
4 caregivers/ house wives
2 unemployed or w/o occupation
1 retired/pension
1 employed
8 employed8 employed
  1. *IQR: inter quartile range; w/o: without; *Two rehabilitation professionals and 4 among other stakeholders are persons with disability