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Table 1 Out-of-Pocket Spending on Government and Private Services and Government Unit Costs for Specific Services

From: Benefit incidence analysis in public health facilities in India: utilization and benefits at the national and state levels

Type of Service Type of Expenditure Mean of Out-of-Pocket Expenditure per Visit and Public Unit Cost (Rupees) Percent of Individuals Utilizing Care with Out-of-Pocket Expenditure
Outpatient Total OOP 869.40 93%
Public OOP 605.33 84%
Private OOP 971.25 97%
Unit Cost of Government Service 2472.92
Inpatient Total OOP 17,081.91 99%
Public OOP 6922.64 99%
Private OOP 26,368.66 99%
Unit Cost 7362.41
Delivery Total OOP 5128.66 89%
Public OOP 3067.05a 87%
Private OOP 8371.54 98%
Unit Cost Primary Level Facility 2472.92
Unit Cost Hospital 7362.41
  1. a This is an average of primary OOP (2462.50) and hospital OOP (3221.30) for deliveries