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Table 1 Factors influencing utilization of primary health care services by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men

From: “I feel more comfortable speaking to a male”: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s discourse on utilizing primary health care services

Motivators Barriers Enablers
• feeling sick/unwell.
• for a particular service (Dental or sexual health).
• check-ups and preventative health.
• family encouragement.
• feeling invincible.
• feeling shame or uncomfortable about attending clinic and/or talking about health issues.
• fear of getting bad news.
• waiting times to get appointments and appointment not running on time.
• culturally inappropriate service and undertrained staff.
• limited knowledge of other options.
• limited availability of other options.
• convenience (opening hours/ proximity to home or work).
• the perceived quality of the service.
• feeling culturally safe with health service and/or staff and/or having a sense of belonging.
• rapport with health staff and/or services.