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Table 1 Timeline of policy developments on traditional systems of medicine (since 2002)

From: On the unraveling of ‘revitalization of local health traditions’ in India: an ethnographic inquiry

Year Policy developments Key feature pertaining to traditional systems of medicine
2002 National Policy on Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy Acknowledged long neglect of traditional systems of medicine; revitalization of folk medicine mentioned for the first time
2005 National Rural Health Mission Suggested mainstreaming of AYUSH and revitalizing local health traditions as part of strengthening primary health care
2014 Separate ministry of AYUSH formed
Launch of National AYUSH Mission
To ensure optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care including LHT
2015 Launch of International Yoga Day Promotion of yoga towards holistic health and wellbeing
2017 National Health Policy Access to assured AYUSH services and support for documentation, validation and promotion of LHT